Robin William’s death has hit me pretty hard & I couldn’t really pinpoint why. I mean, I can say that the fact that I see so much of myself in him and his struggles plays a big part, but I was having a hard time explaining exactly how it was making me feel. A friend on Facebook wrote something that I felt nailed it; 
" …(I’m) not normally that affected by celebrity deaths but this one has me kinda effed up and it dawned on me that part of it is, after battling my own demons for so long, it always breaks my heart when someone loses the war inside their head …"
I guess it just really gets to me when I already feel hopeless, and then something happens that makes me feel like I’ve lost what hope I didn’t know I had. I hate that I am, in a way, making his death about me, but it’s so hard to see someone crack and be so intimate with the kind of pain they were feeling.